About 33 Collaborative

33 Collaborative is dedicated to the display and promotion of emerging, New York City-based Latinx artists. Established in 2018, the venture is a fusion of the two artistic passions of its founders: the culinary and visual arts. This art space fosters the appreciation of Latin American culture with rotating exhibitions held in an approachable, food-centered environment. Latin America is comprised of 33 individual countries, thus informing our namesake and our desire to feature the wide variety of culinary styles from the region. The collaborative does not exclusively represent artists, but rather utilizes an open call process to showcase a range of artists, styles, and ideas.

33 Collaborative is envisioned as a physical location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that will foster relationships and encourage community-wide dialogue on Latin American culture. This contemporary exhibition space and casual eatery will become a destination to view a new artist’s work, grab drinks and tapas with friends, or listen to a panel on current issues. The lively atmosphere and strong artistic community in Williamsburg and the surrounding neighborhoods will be well-served by this unique fusion space.

Our Founders

33 Collaborative was founded by Sofia Ramirez and Alexandra Seneca who met in 2017 while pursuing a Master’s degree in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York. They immediately bonded over the shared desire to establish a communal space that encourages the flow of ideas and provides opportunities for local, emerging Latinx artists to thrive.

Alexandra Seneca

Alexandra serves as Director of Outreach, where she oversees marketing and acts as an artist liaison. A New York native, she grew up surrounded by the city’s art and food scene. Upon enrolling in New York University’s Art History program, her love of art from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula blossomed. Alex has served various roles in the non-profit and commercial side of the New York art world and brings her experience at several galleries to the table. Her primary interest is connecting with contemporary artists to bring their artistic vision to fruition.

Sofia Ramirez

Sofia is 33 Collaborative’s Director of Operations with the primary responsibility of daily and financial management. Hailing from the West Coast, Sofia has been engaged with the Los Angeles art scene for some time. Sofia obtained her start in the business through her work at multiple art galleries in Los Angeles. She had the opportunity to gain sales experience with regard to the luxury items market. After earning a Business Management degree at Woodbury University in Los Angeles she moved to New York City.

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