Identity: Individuality and Commonality

November 8, 2018 – November 11, 2018

Press Release

Thursday, Nov. 8: First Viewing, 6-8pm
Friday, Nov. 9: Opening Night, 6-9pm
Saturday, Nov.10: Open, 12-8pm
Sunday, Nov. 11: Open, 12-6pm

33 Collaborative is pleased to announce their inaugural exhibition, entitled Identity: Individuality and Commonality, presenting four local, NYC-based emerging artists employing a variety of media, styles and subjects to celebrate and explore their Latinx heritage. The works range from abstract maps that reveal feelings of displacement to fantastical paintings that capture a longing for home… from personal, narrative photographs to gestural drawings of the local community. Each artist’s work depicts identity in a way that is wholly individual, yet unified in the commonality of the Latinx experience.

Rachelle Mozman Solano explores how culture shapes individuals and how environment effects behavior. She takes on these questions through multiple photographic series that conflate both documentary style and fictional narrative.

Sandra Mack-Valencia makes art with a strong aesthetic component, work that obeys impulses and sensations. Her fantastical paintings transport viewers to another world where ideas are transmitted through the hand in the form of a stroke, a color, a drip, a smudge.

Francisco Donoso creates mixed-media paintings, collages and installations of maps to explore the psychosocial odyssey of navigating the world as an immigrant. By pushing mapping into abstraction, he questions the authority of maps as a voice of truth to reveal their absurdity, mystery and impermanence, and explore the tension between the concrete and the imaginary.

Chelsea Ramirez is known for her gestural, charcoal manipulations and mixed media experimentations. Her drawings rely heavily on gesture, line, marks, and text to articulate visual memories teetering between abstraction and representational figuration.

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